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HTTrack Website Copier 3.46-1
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File Size: 3.7 Mb

HTTrack Website Copier 3.46-1

Language:English, Chinese, Czech, Danish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Other, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish
Platform:Windows, Linux, MAC
Install:Install and Uninstall
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Publisher's Description:

HTTrack Website Copier - HTTrack is an easy-to-use offline browser utility. It allows you to download a World Wide website from the Internet to a local directory, building recursively all directories, getting html, images, and other files from the server to your computer. HTTrack arranges the original site's relative link-structure. Simply open a page of the "mirrored" website in your browser, and you can browse the site from link to link, as if you were viewing it online. HTTrack can also update an existing mirrored site, and resume interrupted downloads. HTTrack is fully configurable, and has an integrated help system.

List of Changes:

Version 3.46-1 from 2012-06-23

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Version 3.44-1 from 2011-02-28

Many engine fixes since older 3.4X releases

Version 3.42-2 from 2008-03-19



Website Copier/Offline Browser. Open Source.

Download Now
File Size: 3.7 Mb

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Latest User Reviews:

Jimmyrtyrrell 2009-05-05 06:51:00 #
Version: 3.43-3

Very efficient, does (almost) exactly what it is advertised to do, except I have not as yet discovered how to preserve the local browse-ability of flash websites...

Matti.teinonen 2009-03-06 02:07:15 #
Version: 0.43

Mostly OK

The WinHTTrack was a pleasant suprise, but still, I didn't get quite the same stuff as there were in the original. What went wron I don't know, because I couldn't find any file missing compare to the mirror I afterwards created with Linux and wget.

The wget mirror looked just like the original with graphical pushbuttons and all. Simple site that I got "home" before the domain expires.

But sure, WinHTTrack was nice experience with GUI, quite intuitive to use. So propably I start with it next time, too.


Phildsmith69 2009-02-26 07:10:57 #
Version: 0.43

HTTRack Website Copier

Does exactly what it claims. Brilliant !!

Smiley 2009-02-03 16:35:02 #
Version: 1.43

great program

This program was great once I learned how to use it.. All the options are not explained so I got a few errors the first couple times around.. but after figuring it out, I LOVE IT!

Its free too! :)

Haitoman 2009-01-05 11:37:22 #
Version: 1.43

Didn`t need to look any further.....

If you are like me, it is very difficult to sit and read technical documents from a website on the screen. Select a page - wait for it to load etc. So I just captured the lot and printed everything - HTTrack worked flawlessly. Many years ago I used it successfully for a travel site and this time when I needed another similar I tool, I searched for it (I knew it was ht something and downloaded the latest version...I didn't need to research any other tools as I knew this one worked.

Parasprince2001 2008-07-26 09:03:03 #
Version: 3.42-2

there is problem in ur application

i can't download photos from only fram syntaxes are downloaded nothing else every thing is partial no thing is complete

Brian 2008-06-06 08:37:23 #
Version: 3.42-2

Worked as advertised

I had a client who's current web site admin wasn't returning calls & she was affraid that she wouldn't be able to get her web site content to transfer to our hosting service. I ran across this product on the internet & it worked with no problems. I was able to grab the entire web site just as if I used FTP to pull it. Great Job!!!

Looseminds 2008-05-24 07:29:14 #
Version: 3.42-2

HTTrack rocks.

Been using this handy app for some time...
All I can say about it is..

Maclinovsky 2008-05-07 17:25:50 #
Version: 3.42-2

Pretty impressive

This is a very valuable tool. I downloaded it for 2 main purposes:
- to backup my company-hosted blog in case I suddenly and unexpectedly loose access to it... ;)
- to backup a stupid wiki that is used in place of all project documentation and is accessible only from inside the office and via VPN.

The first worked like a charm - no special rules - just checked the file types, pointed to the root and in a few minutes got a perfect copy of reasonable <5MB for 30+ articles, 30 comments, categories, feeds and all. Nothing missing.

The second was a bit of a nightmare, but truth be told it's mostly the fault of the wiki platform - creating an infinite number of incestuous links to itself with varied URLs. My assumption that the target wiki had no more then 50 distinct pages, with perhaps as many documents (pdf, microsoft/star office, archives, sources, etc) hanging of it. The result was a whopping half gig/6000 files replica that took the best part of the night to suck in. For comparison, the scrapbook firefox plugin did not do even that good :(

What is missing - interface can be friendlier, and i need to be able search the off-line site. I hoped that simple filesystem search (I use agent ransack, but vanilla windows search will be the same) will find me the pahe where the word is mentioned. For a word that I know is on just one original page, it finds hundreds of seamingly identical pages, with randomly generate dnames that would not even help me to navigate to the page I need.
Otherwice - thanks for the great tool.

Asrun 2007-12-02 12:34:25 #
Version: 3.42-2

Very Good Tool

HTTrack, in my limited use of the tool, has worked very well. It is most intuitive and efficient.

eleete 2007-09-26 18:34:28 #
Version: 3.42-2

Performs Exactly as Written on the Website.

The program is simple in design, the options are plainly labeled and the learning curve was almost non existent. It clearly solved the task of downloading our entire web site and re -wrote all the urls to perform as expected. We then wrote the site to CDs for distribution through the mail. People can view a very image intense site as if it were on their local hard drive. I love Open Source and I recommend this program for anyone who needs a local copy of a web site. Performs flawlessly.
As I was writing this review I decided to support your open source efforts by contributing a donation via pay pal. I am proud to support your Open Source Effort.
Great Job Guys.

HTTrack User 2007-08-10 02:58:50 #
Version: 3.42-2

Not bad

I tried a few of these website copiers, and found this one the best. And it's free, which makes it brilliant!

jjit 2007-05-09 17:23:32 #
Version: 3.42-2

HTTrack Website Copier is quite good!

Its a great very well.

cons:while tracking other language sites font problem arose.

Download Now
File Size: 3.7 Mb